Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day One of Timbuktu

Just kidding! As most of you know, we're actually in Portland, Oregon. This is Robiny, Cooper, and Jordan reporting from our first Hostel. As each NLCer arrived at his/her airport they were handed a clue. This clue held the key to his/her future. We each landed at the Portland, Oregon Airport with instructions to get our bags and head to baggage claim 2. Every NLC person who stepped towards baggage claim 2 was greeted with a chorus of "hello! I've missed you" and multiple hugs. As soon as everyone had got there we got on the MAX (public transportation) and wound through the downtown streets of Portland to our Hostel. We went to a park where a woman told Tom (our practitioner) how our love was visibly evident and asked if we would be there more so she could continue to bring her son, knowing he would feel our love and be influenced in the best way by us. After the park we reviewed some of our class goals, personal goals, definition of adventure, general rules, etc. Now we'll head to bed and look forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow will include church, a presentation, a lecture, more review and roller skating. Tune in tomorrow for a new group of people telling you more about it. Good night!


  1. Allright!! Glad you are off and running on your adventure! So fantastic to see many of you in the photo and read about your day. Fun:-)

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear it.