Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Operation: Urban Challenge Day 2 Mission: Bike 2 bajillion miles!

After a long morning of curriculum (a.k.a. Mark, Tom and Jen stumping us with impossibly mind-boggling ethical dilemmas), we enjoyed a delicious taco bar for lunch at the hostel!

Our Urban Challenge started with a super-duper challenging puzzle which gave us the option of either

1. Heading down to rent bikes first, then going to the Courthouse Square

2. Going to the Pioneer Courthouse Square first, then biking

Turns out, we met up with the other groups almost immediately and were rarely alone as a team. Our afternoon consisted of renting bikes and exploring the city while learning how to successfully navigate the big city. We crossed lots of bridges and got to ride along the beautiful Willamette river. On the bike ride, we took funny pictures with statues and playground equipment as well as stopping at a huge fountain and running through it. It was amazing until we had to put our running shoes back on. Most people went in all the way (literally blasted with water from head to toe) and those who held back were chased down and given a big wet hug. :)

Our geography was put to the test when we had to name the countries of about twenty-five flags outside the World Trade Center.

At the Pioneer Courthouse Square, each team purchased a postcard where they wrote a letter to the NLC Class of 2014, among other cool tasks. Most teams found themselves tight on time and faced a 7-12 block sprint back to the hostel. The goal was to get home by 5:30, but the first place team arrived at 5:26. The other teams arrived at 5:33, 5:37, and we were all together again by 5:54 when the final team reached the hostel.

Our crazy, exhausting, but fulfilling and fun day closed with a barbeque hosted by the hostel. Many of us enjoyed the awesome musicians who performed at Open Mic Night. Our very own Gwen Umbach was the MC. Cooper, Dean, Robin, Hannah, Gwen, and Andi gave a fantastic rendition of "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus.

A huge thanks to Jeni and Ed Sammons for all they have done for our trip so far. They won't be joining us for the remainder of the trip, as tomorrow morning we will be off to Union Station bright and early, heading to our next unknown destination!

Stay tuned for further adventures as we continue to our next location!

With love,
NLC 2013

recorded by Hannah, Meg, and Cassidy

P.S. Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love, Japhet

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