Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Day of Being Selfish...

Just kidding!!!! Today was our service day. First we had breakfast and raced in our teams to Safeway. We hastened to purchase food for the lunch and the dinner we were going to make. After a filling lunch consisting of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, we watched a movie about Mary Baker Eddy's students healing around the country and all ending up connected in one big circle. After a few moments of charades and chill time, we got down to business and cooked the dinner we were preparing for the homeless. We ended up being pretty tight on time, but we made it to the Tent City. After serving the homeless stew, pasta, fruit salad, ceasar salad, bread and cookies, we talked and wandered with the residents. At first some were a little nervous, but we, and the residents, started opening up and having a great time. One man I really enjoyed talking to was a guy named Matthew, or Giant as he was nicknamed. He had about 15 different genetic cancers passed down, three of which were all three types of skin cancer. He was in an aprenticeship program out of high-school but got turned away from the union because of all of his health issues. He told us that he refused to have kids because he didn't want to put a child through all the cancers and sickness. Then he finally told us that what always keeps him going was knowing the fact that there is somebody out there who may not be as priviledged as he is. The other thing that kept him going was God. There were many other inspiring stories to tell, but I'm sure everyone will hear the rest later. Today was a really fun day that taught us a lot about service and now we're really excited about the days ahead.

written by Collin and Andi


  1. What a fabulous day.
    Full of rich blessings for all.
    Im Curious about the chess match!
    Fabulous weather & photos

  2. The big photo of y'all at Tent City is my very favorite so far. All these beautiful faces are clear examples of "where heart meets heart reciprocally blest." Can't wait to hear about your sailing in the San Juans!