Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence in the open sea

Day two of sailing began with a wonderful breakfast held in our ships. All slept wonderfully and some even got the opportunity to take a night watch shift in the night. Many people loved this beautiful time to relax and think. In the morning we prepared for our day of celebration for the USA with sailboats ready to be sailed, but of course we couldn't truly begin our day without good old Sunday school. Once our last hymn had been sung we boarded our boats and began to sail. The wind whipped around us and huge waves crashed (at least huge to amateurs like us). Many of us followed Jesus' example and slept during the storm. And all the boats made it safely to our next anchoring spot. For dinner we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers in the basic American fashion. After a quick clean-up we boarded Spirit III (the power boat) and motored around different coves watching fireworks and jamming out to music. Before our voices began to get weary we began motoring back to our anchor spot singing "Whither" in soft harmony. We all slept peacefully that night.
-Jess and Jordan

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