Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothin' better than the smell of banana slugs in the morning

As we were awakened from our solos we heard various stories of banana slugs. They went from slugs crawling into shoes to on journals, over personal belongings and even a couple of them mating. Not wanting to stay in Banana-Slug infested woods, we cleaned and carried our things down to the dingys faster than ever before. Once to the boats we divided into our crews while stuffing down a quick breakfast. As it was a long stretch with little wind, we motored our way back to our home port. Once we docked we had an intense cleaning while the smell of pizza wafted throughout all the boats, our cleaning prize. The pizza was truly delicious, the average amount of pizza slices per person was about four slices. We left our boats for the last time, happy with the promise of showers, flushing toliets, and infinite water supply. For the next couple hours we savored our chill time on land. Soon Mark and Jen called a meeting to discuss
NLC things and get our questions answered by Susie Jostyn. The answers we got inspired us, and bellies growling we headed off to a bowling ally that boasted of the 4th best fish and chips in the country. Bowling was loads of fun and we are now headed to bed.

Humongous thanks to:
Bob Baggs
Steve Holser
Bill Block
Marcia Pecaut
Jeff and Marguerite Beacker
Dick and Linda Ward
Susie and Jay Jostyn

Goodnight family and friends-
-Jordan (I promise different people will blog tomorrow and pictures will come)

P.S. There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset.. a wonderful end to a wonderful day! -Robiny

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  1. Hi NLC 2013's! What great fun it has been to follow along on all of your adventures! Thank you so much for everything you have brought to these experiences -- your openness, love, generosity, joy and energy are all wonderful inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your time together as you complete this trip even more bonded as a group.

    Our 2012 class is about to head out on our service trip and I look forward to all the NLC classes sharing their summer experiences at the All Class Retreat next February!

    With lots of love to all,